Our address is:  Grzybowska 16/22 

(see pictures below)

Always ask for closest subway station ("metro"). For the first line (M1) your station would be "Świętokrzyska", for line 2 (M2) it's "Rondo ONZ". All trams in Warsaw has two digits numbers, all buses has 3 digits numbers. Numer with letter "N" is a night line bus.

From Central Railway Station ("Warszawa Centralna") you can take a tram 10, 17, 33, 41, or bus 109, 160 (goes every 5 minutes and has a nice route), 174, 518, or a cab (ask for the price first, it should be less than ~20 zlotys (~5€)). You can also walk - it's only 12 minutes!

From Warsaw Chopin airport take bus 175, 188 to Central Railway St and transfer to listed above. A cab (ask for the price first!) ~40 zlotys (~10€).

From Modlin Airport take a airport bus and transfer to Light Railway KM9 to Central Railway St (and then transfer to listed above). Taxi would be ~25€

See pictures of the building below and more detailed routes on other pages !

Our building

Entrance is in the middle of the building (there's lotto sign above)

Inside the building there is an intercome on your right - next to the fridge.
Just dial 1202 and we will let you in! 

Go to the 12th floor and to the very end of corridor.

See you there! :)

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